Screenjunkies – Honest Trailers

Screenjunkies is a YouTube channel. I was thinking of a way to describe to you exactly what kind of material they post. Well their latest video is called My Mom Watches The Human Centipede… so yea.

On their channel’s About section they have written:

Where guys go to get honest and authoritative advice on what movies and TV shows they should watch and which ones aren’t worth the time. With breaking news, trailers, reviews, and original features, Screen Junkies filters through the glut of entertainment choices to highlight the shows and movies worthy of guys’ precious free time.

And I must say, this is spot on as a description.

With nearly half a million subscribers, their probably most viewed and certainly my favorite series are the Honest Trailers. A comedic underlining of the flaws (or strengths) of a film in the embodiment of a trailer. All narrated by a deep and awesome voice.


One thought on “Screenjunkies – Honest Trailers

  1. I have no comment regarding the first video…. Jesus Christ that movie… About the second one, I went ahead and looked into the honest trailer channel, and I laughed for hours!

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