Okay, first of all Metacritic is a website. I just wanted to be clear on that.
It reviews music albums, video games, movies, DVDs, and TV shows.

Many review websites give a review grade out of five, out of ten, out of a hundred, or even an alphabetical score. Metacritic converts such a grade into a percentage. For reviews with no explicit scores , Metacritic manually assesses the tone of the review before assigning a relevant grade. Weighting is also applied to reviews—those from major periodicals may have a greater effect on the average than niche ones, although Metacritic refuses to reveal what weights are applied to which publications.

What ?

At first the site seems a bit complicated, however in just a few days you get use to it, and then you see how helpful and entertaining it is.

Metacritic was launched in January 2001 by Marc Doyle, along with his sister Julie Doyle Roberts and Jason Dietz. They sold Metacritic to CNET in 2005. At the moment CNET and Metacritic are owned by the CBS Corporation.

In 2010, Metacritic website’s appearance was drastically changed. The reaction to the new format from existing Metacritic users was negative to say the least.